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October 2016 – ‘It all started with a cup of Coffee at Harvest Market’

Like many women with breast cancer, Disha Patel was physically and emotionally exhausted by her treatment. But the loneliness such strains can bring was exaggerated by what Disha Patel describes as “cultural barriers.”

October is the breast cancer awareness month, and that’s how Disha Patel (TNBC Survivor) and her friend (Hormonal BC Survivor) decided to meet each other to enable South Asian support.

‘It’s strange having cancer, nothing around you changes, and yet, everything is different with you.’

Frustrated with breast cancer awareness and sorely lacking ongoing support, Disha started her quest to educate, encourage and empower South Asian women and soon  decided to establish the first South Asian Nonprofit Organization in Houston, Texas with the vision of supporting South Asian women nationwide gradually. Through a range of programs, resources, and strategic partnerships, Disha is creating a movement of young women who are proactive advocates for their health.